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Ankita Shrivastava, 27, has won 2 Golds and 1 Silver for India at the World Transplant Games by the Olympics Association. Her name is in the India Book Record. Being a liver donor and one of the most renowned organ donor athletes, she has excelled even after going through liver donor side effects.
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Navras – Annual Day Celebration
    DM Convent School, Bhopal
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Navras – Annual Day Celebration

The most amazing part of DM Convent school is the people behind it, Ramandeep Singh and Charanjeet Kaur Aunty. Their amazing dedication, involvement, love for what they are doing makes it so much more special.
Completing 27 years they came up with NAVRAS – seven flavours and also 7 outstanding achievers to the dias making it so much more special. It was an honour to meet all these ladies who are family, friends but moreover an exceptional example to the society.

Ankita Shrivastava
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